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Meaning of: apDiv

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Errrr... exactly what are you talking about? It may be a misspelled "div" or something... where did you saw that term? If we can see the full text, we might decipher it for you. I mean, that's not a "general" term you can find anywhere, that's for sure.

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That is merely the "id" for that particular div. Elements with an "id" can be more easily targeted for styling and gives you more control of the style.For example, the code that follows, the first rule applies a color to all div's, and the second one apply a color to only the div with and 'id' = "this.

div { color: #cc3333; }div#this { color: #6666ff; }

Id's are stronger than classes in the scheme of things, although classes can be used for more elements on a page. Id's can (should) only be used once per page.Read up on specificity here:http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/cascade.html#cascade

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Thanks for the complete reply jlhaslip :)Reason why I was asking is because Dreamweaver has a column specifically to list all AP Elements in the code. These AP Elements (apDiv1. apDiv2, apDiv3, etc) were initially created by Photoshop when exporting the image with slices, I purposely chose for it to use CSS/Div as oppose to tables. Actually, I just found some more info on this from the Dreamweaver Help file:"An AP element in Dreamweaver is an HTML page element—specifically, a div tag, or any other tag—that has an absolute position assigned to it."Thanks again guys :)

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