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I have a JavaScript list which is kinda huge. There's about 3 level to this list. I added a function to minize and maximize a list on click. I've been asked if there is a way to "remember" which list is maximized so when you do a back it'll stay opened. All I can think of is the use of cookies but in my organization we have standards that stops me from using cookies. So is there any other way I could use to do this "remember" feature? I use ColdFusion also if it helps.

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The only other way would be to store that information in a CF session. Standards are very important in organizations but I find that a strange rule at least for minor features such as what you mentioned. Personally I would view it that same as JavaScript. They should be used to enhance the application but the application would still be fully functional with cookies blocked.

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I don't know much CF but I assume it works much the same as others do. Here is how you would do it in ASP.Net and PHP (assume the session has already been saved , probably through AJAX).ASP.Net

 var jsvar = "<%= Session["YourSession"].ToString() %>";


 var jsvar = "<?= $_SESSION["YourSession"] ?>";

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