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It's a little hard to judge without you even saying what is this about... is it some sort of (art?) school? It does give such impression at least.As for the design and all... way too image heavy. Just look at your page without CSS and that will become more then obvious. Because of the many images, the page also downloads slow, though still fast enough to feel right.A lot of the JavaScript stuff you have could be done with CSS too, though in your case, JS use for that is acceptable i.e. the page degrades well enough without JS.What is your resolution? Mine is 1280x1024 and I see the page quite well. However, with IE7's developer toolbar, I could shrik the window up to 1024x768 (probably the most common resolution today), and your pages have horizontal scrolling on that. You may want to do something about it, as horizontal scrolling is never pleasent, especially when it doesn't reveal anything, and yet stands in the way.

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