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Best book to learn JavaScript from?

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Personally I find online tutorials better plus you can cut and paste from them. I only every bought one JavaScript book and it wasn't very good. Books, unless focusing on a specific area, only ever give you the overview of the language and leave a lot out which you will have to buy ore specific books or seach online anyway. Just my opinion.

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Books called Javascript - the basics will only teach you the basics, how variables work, how to write and use functions, etc.Books like database-driven AJAX will assume you have basic JS knowledge, and will teach you how to use databases in combination with AJAX.Books like Bulletproof AJAX will assume you have basic AJAX knowledge. etc.I'd recommend doing a few online tutorials, but type rather than cut/paste to understand the importance of debugging and learn the most important keywords..Then, when you know what you want to do with it and would like to widen your knowledge, go out and buy a book about it. I actually own about 10 webprogramming/designing books, from basic XML to Bulletproof Ajax. I use six out of ten whenever designing a webpage.If you want to rely on books, I suggest you buy multiple books to learn and combine the best practices from all of them. Books improve on each other when used properly, and are a fair bit more professional and up-to-date than most tutorials you'll find online.Hope this helps.

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