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help me with installing a turnkey

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hi therei have got a turnkey website but i dont understand the instructions on installing it into my website, there instructions are below. can someone please tell me in plain english how to install them pleasethanks1) Extract the zip file containing the software.2) Create a new folder and name it as something like friends, efriends, myspace, or similiar3) upload all files to the selected directory.4) Chmod 777 for the following folders/files: groups, photos, blog, events, banners, chat and chat/rooms.php5) create a new MySQL user and DB for PHPMySpace Clone.5) Open data.php file and edit the variables as well as the MySQL parameters. Open /calendar/includes/config.php and /chat/config.php and edit the MySQL parameters similar to data.php. Upload and replace these 3 files in your server.6) Rename folder “groups” to whatever you choose for groups to be placed in(short group url feature: user creates group and wants the url to be http://www.yourdomain.com/friends/groups/groupname - where groups is the name of the folder you select)7) Run the included mysql dump file through any of your mysql clients (i.e phpmyadmin)9) To edit the header and footer of the site, go to /templates and edit the HTML codes of the following files:-footer.php-header.php-chat_header.php10) To customize the text for the subpages (Terms, Privacy Policy, Help and Index page), edit the HTML codes of the followingfiles:-terms.php-privacy.php-help.php-main.php-tour.php11) Set the paypal account in the admin area (see below for login info)

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In order to do all that you'll need an FTP client like FileZilla and a web server with PHP, MySQL, and phpMyAdmin. The second step says to create a folder on your web server where you want to install this software, you can do that with the FTP client. The third step is using the FTP client to transfer all the files from your computer to the server. Chmod means setting permissions, 0777 is full access. In FileZilla you can right-click on the files and folders they say and select "File Attributes", and either type in 777 or check all the boxes. For step 5, your hosting account should give you some way to create a database, or your host might have given you information on which database you can use and which user you use to connect. For the second step 5, you need to open the files they list in a text editor and change whatever options are there, like which database to use etc. When you open the files you'll have to look at what is in there and figure out what you need to change. You can use a text editor like ConTEXT to do that. Once you edit the files, save them and upload them to the server again. Step 6 probably has something to do with some config option in one of the files. For step 7 there should be a .sql file (most likely) that you need to set up the database. To do that, your host needs to give you access to something like phpMyAdmin that you can log in to in order to set up the database. In phpMyAdmin you can use the import option to set up the database by uploading the file they included. The other steps involve editing files to customize the layout for your site.

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