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XML and Opera 9.24


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Today, Opera 9.24 is ready. It must be a major upgrade 4,7 MB (larger than complete older versions) since it takes many minutes to upgrade. My impression is that Opera is (one of) the best XML compatible browser(s). It renders XML documents with accompanying stylesheets and Schema (a little unsure here) fairly well. My questions are:

  1. Do you see any difference in how it parses XML documents?
  2. What about XPointer, XLink and other XML technologies. How well are these technologies implemented in the browser?
  3. When will it be possible to export favourites with a well formed XML stylesheet? Example: http://www.expert-links.net/ Click "Professional IT Links" The xml file (very large, so loads slow on slow connections) with accompanying stylesheet is produced automatically by Mr. Mirror (C++ Prgaram as far as I kow. A method to produce the social network SE e.g. W3 Schools SE. Combining XML files and inplement a very good AJAX eneabled SE on the file system.)
  4. Security. Cross scripting still (nearly) impossible? Master password on bankaccounts the same?
  5. Other new functions and / or options?

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  1. Opera 9.24? Yes. As far I've seen from Kestrel's (Opera 9.5's) changelogs, Merlin (9.24) allows you to have two attributes on the same element with the same name, which is not conformant to the XML spec. 9.5 fixes this. I haven't noticed anything else, though I must say Opera tends to give very nice messages on non well formed XML documents. Perhaps the best I've seen so far, IE coming at second.
  2. I don't know about XPointer, and I think XLink is only available for SVG in Opera. You can find more details on support in Opera's documentation on web standards support. In addition to what they say, there's a bug in the XSLT processor you may not need to be aware of, but it's a worthy mention: if in an XSLT match pattern you use "/*", it will be treated as if you've matched "//*" which has dramatic consequences when the XSLT is run on any XML that has more then a root element (practically any XML). A workaround would be something like "/*[name() = parent::*/name()]" though I'm not sure if that would work, and if there are side effects of it. Don't bother reporting the issue to Opera. I already have.
  3. Why would you need that? The way current bookmarks are stored are as shortcuts that are launched in the default browser. If you (do not) want a certain link, you (re)move it's file to the appropriate place and you're done. All else is just needless complication for end users.
  4. Yes. Cross scripting is still impossible, and for the better. It's disabled in all browsers for good security reasons.
  5. I like the speed dial.

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