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Combo Box value needed


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Im using a web form designed in Flash to send RSVP details for an event we're hosting to our coordinator via email. The SWF file can be seen here:www.promiseweek.com/rsvp.htmlIn the Flash file there are three form fields that have a "var" assigned to them and it is this "var" data that the actionscript is sending to the PHP when the "SEND" button is clicked in the form. Another designer built this form in Flash and the accompanying PHP form. I have modified both the Flash file and the PHP to allow for a drop-down menu (in the form of a flash combo box component) that allows those wanting to RSVP for an event to choose one of the three events from the drop down menu. I have given the combo box an instance name of "meetingmenu" but could not find how to give it a "var" so that the PHP form will send the data that is selected in the combo box along with the other form data in the body of the email. The rest of the form works properly. I just need to figure out how to get the data from the combo box sent properly to the PHP form. I tried to use the combo box instance name of "meetingmenu" as you will see in the PHP below... but that is not working.Help? How can I add a "var" (a value) to the data selected in the Combo Box so that it will export to the PHP along with the other data when the "SEND" button is clisked...

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