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Sending textarea in e-mail


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I have a form with a textarea on it, after it is submitted I want to send a mail with that same textarea with the same value and format, carriage returns included, but the carriage returns are ommitted :) This is a snippet of the code I'm using

<%htmlBody = htmlBody & "<textarea>" & request.form(textAreaField) & "</textarea>"%>

I have tried replacing the vbcrlf characters with <BR> but that does not help, anyone any ideas ?

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try replacing the "\r" and "\n" characters...these 2 chars make up a carriage return. in ASP.Net I have to replace both of them to get rid of returns in a textarea

Get rid of them ? No, no, that's just the point I want them to stay !So I can have a textarea on the next screen with exactly the same lay-out as the previous one !!!
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