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Hello everyone.I have some problem with CSS style right and left in ie. It is works goods in firefox and opera but not not in IE.I have also tried margin-s but it haven't any results in IE.Here the sample code:....<style type="text/css">

border:1px solid #000000;





</style>....<div class="bordered positioned">

<div class="bordered bigdiv">

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http://www.jlhaslip.trap17.com/samples/mis...ns/centred.htmlyou are better off not using position absoluteeasier on your brain
Thanks. IE works fine with float, margins, left:0,width:100% and margins but nor in firefox. Maybe, I have to use more then one CSS file and brother will have own CSS.Is it any way to do verticaly(top & left). Also, I havn't find float:top.P.s> I forgot to say that width of parent tag(DIV) isn't static.
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