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Trouble with Flash Video Playing on Macs

Guest chocgrrl

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Guest chocgrrl

Okay, so I've been been building my first site. Its a pretty simple HTML layout with flash buttons and a flash video player that I used Dreamweaver to build. I had to use the WYSIWYG due to time restraints and frankly Flash is like a foreign language to me after years of using Adobe and Avid products. So I used video in an flv format and on a PC everything seems to work fine, it takes a sec to load because there is no preloader, but it plays.However, on Macs, all I get is static for audio. The video plays but all you get is this annoying white noise. Not sure how to diagnose this problem and the flash player I'm using will only accept the flv format.So, my question is, what is a good work around for this. The page is for a production company so the video needs to play correctly across both platforms.Is building the player in Flash my only solution? If so, what is the best format that will allow the video to play on both Mac and PC?This is a pretty general question so i didn't include the code, but if you need to see to it to help diagnose my problem I can post.

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