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multiple submission buttons


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EDITMade it work. Just forgot the OR boolean is used like || and not |.Sample code removed.

Hi. I'm working on a content management page with multiple scripts loaded into one form. Each script is loaded using <?php require_once(form1.php)?> and contain both the handler and the form fields, and a submit button. The handler is executed when the submit button for that script is pressed. The handler will know if it is pressed using <?php if (isset($_POST[submit1])) { execute handler }?> and if the button is not pressed it will be bypassed to show the form field. If the handler is executed, it will show a notification message and validation results.I want to make a master submit button for tempmanpage, named 'all'. So I'll have to alter the folowing line of code
if (isset($_POST['sub_head'])) {

to check whether the master submit button is being pressed. That means I'll have to include the 'OR' or '|' boolean. Couldn't find a way to make it work yet.If anyone knows a way to do this you made me a happy camper. If there's any other suggestion or recommendation based on the sample code I'll gladly listen but this issue has to be resolved first.Thanks in advance.

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