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Command in my IRC Bot (PHP)

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case ':!status':if($ex[2] != $nick){$to = $ex[2];}else{$arr = explode('!', $ex[0]);$to = ltrim($arr[0],':');}		$portS   = 43594;		$ipS	 = dodian.com;		$sock = @fsockopen($ipS, $portS, $errno, $errstr, 5);  	if ($sock) { 		$status = online;	} elseif (!$sock) {		$status = offline;	}	fputs($socket, "PRIVMSG $to :Dodian is $status\n");break;

Is there a reason why this will always return offine even when its clearly online.Im fairly new to IRC Bots and i was wondering how can we do something like !msg (message) and bot will say it?

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Hi, I'm guessing you're from the swiftirc network, correct? I was on there for quite a while, seems like every person who knew anything about programming had their own bot.Anyways, you need to have the text for $ipS in quotes so it is identified as a string, plus you don't have the irc sub domain so it won't connect to irc anyways. That is what I have noticed, so get $ipS fixed up and it should be good to go!

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I'm not part of the SwiftIRC network although i was once. I'm not trying to connect to the IRC.. thats what this does.

$socket = fsockopen("irc.dodian.com", 6667) or die('Could not connect to the server');

I'm trying to print the status of a runescape private server.

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