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W3SCHOOLS Certificates


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In all honesty, all it does is show that you have taken and passed a structured knowledge and skills test. It is not a sanctioned document so it may not mean anything more than another privately help web firm that might offer the same thing. If you can constantly pass the test quizzes at 100% then you are ready.Any structured skills test will help, to a degree, with job interviews, etc. depending on how you present it. If you took and passed the test you could say, "I'm self motivated and eager to expand my skills and abilities - I took this test and passed 100%" or you could just say "I have a certificate in HTML from w3schools.com". Its all about presentation. Will some companies see that on your resume and pick you for an phone call over someone who doesn't maybe, maybe not it will honestly depend on what else is in your and that persons history.All you really have to understand is that it is not a deal maker nor is it a deal breaker - its a bonus. To what extend it is advantageous depends on how well you sell it (and you).

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