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That's far more than HTML, it uses PHP and other server side laguages. It's really complicated. I recommend reading W3Schools' PHP or ASP tutorials.

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and How I create a forums page with html or other .... is it a lot of links ?? but how people that login add a link to the html code ?
It is also a good idea to download an existing open-source forum system like phpBB and have a look at their code for ideas.
In HTML code I put a text box that people type words in then Submit how do i put those words to somewhere i know how to send a email when the person press submit/.
You could store them in a database such as MySQL. Have a look at the MySQL part of the PHP tutorial.If you just want to store them in a flat file you can use PHP's file functions to open up an append+ stream and just write the posted data to the file.As Ingolme said, the W3Schools PHP tutorial is the way to go.
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You would use PHP to make the forums page. HTML can't save replys to the server. PHP does that for you if you code it correctly. And if you want to show how many users are active within the past 5/10/15 minutes you would add a timestamp to your SQL members database. Persoanlly I find the PHP tutorial at w3schools to be not as well developed as it could be.

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