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How do I search content of current page?

Guest Will

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I made up this little script. It needs the innerText property in order to be cross-browser. Unfortunately, that makes it non-W3C-compliant. But until some browsers improve their compliance to web standards it will always be hard to make standard W3C compliant scripts.

function searchPage(obj) {   if(document.documentElement.textContent) {	  allText = document.body.textContent;   } else {	  allText = document.body.innerText;   }   if(allText.indexOf(obj) != -1) {	  //Execute some code   }}

Search: <input type="text" id="something" /><input type="button" value="Search" onclick="searchPage(document.getElementById('something').value)" />

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Because innerHTML will also return HTML tags. And imagine you search for "table", and it says it found it but you can't see the word "table" anywhere at all (supposing you're a visitor that doesn't know anything about HTML).

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