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Help please with an IE7 CSS/javascript oddity


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Hi,We have been re-designing our web site but have come across a problem with the menu and I would like to ask some for help.http://greshams.dessol.com/The URL above shows the web site and the menu system which works fine until text is introduced under the flyout or sub menu as shown when you click on the link Admissions Process.The page Admissions Process contains some latin text in the main body of the htm document and this is where IE7 seems to fail.When you move the mouse over the text in the sub menu all is fine but as soon as you move over the sub menu box with no text in it the sub menu box disappears.This only happens when text is underneath the sub menu box and only with IE7Firefox and I think, IE6 all work as planned, the submenu box remains even if the mouse is moved over the sub menu box.I'm stuck with why this is happening and ask if anyone could shed some light on this?Many thanksinthedark

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