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Fuctions that return a value..

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Hi, i'm new here and new to PHP. and i've read a large part of the PHP toturial, and have just one qustion.how do i write a function that returns a value. that i can do something like this below.. it actually works, but seems strange to me, and i'm sure the there is a better way to write it, were i declare that its a function that returns values.thankx! :)

function days_in_month($month){if ($month==1 or $month==3 or $month==5 or $month==7 or $month==8 or $month==10 or $month==12)  $monthlen=31;else if($month==4 or $month==6 or $month==9 or $month==11)  $monthlen=30;else if(($year%4)==0)  $monthlen=29;else  $monthlen=28;return $monthlen;}$days=days_in_month(4);

and the variable $days will be set to 30.

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You can try this:

function days_in_month($month,$year) {/* $year is necessary just in case it's a leap year */$d = mktime(0,0,0,1,$month,$year);//This function creates a PHP date object$days = date("t",$d);// 't' returns the days of a given monthreturn $days;}$days = days_in_month(4,2000);

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Thanks.. I figured out the $year thing alone.. but my question was someing else.. I want to to know if there is something in the function header that declares that its a function that returns a value or not...Like in Visual Basic

Function days_in_month(month int, year int) int

the last "int" says that its a function that returns an intenger. Is there something like it in PHP?

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Ingolme for your information, and everybody else:In the function mktime you write first the month then the day and in the end the year!witch means that it has to be like this:

mktime(0,0,0,$month,1,$year);//this is rightmktime(0,0,0,1,$month,$year);//this is wrong!

A litle difrence, but can drive you crazy untill you find it... :)

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