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HiThe following is my xml file content, when i try to open this file via Internet explorer or other browser.."I am getting the error msg XML Parsing Error: undefined entity"Can anyone guide me to convert this into unicode entity. Please let me know where do i get the unicode value for these entities.<eeid="e1"><emeta category="engDict"words="124"/><hg><hw>A</hw><hom>1</hom><pron>e&shti;</pron> (<vg>also <var>a</var></vg>)</hg> <sg><pos>n.</pos> (<infg><i>pl.</i><inf>As</inf> or <inf>A's</inf>)</infg>)<se1 num="1"> the first letter of the alphabet.</se1><se1 num="2"><ctx>Mus.</ctx> the sixth note of thediatonic scale of C major.</se1> <se1 num="3">the firsthypothetical person or example.</se1> <se1 num="4">thehighest class or category (of roads, academic marks, etc.).</se1><se1 num="5">(usu. <emb>a</emb>)<ctx>Algebra</ctx> the first known quantity.</se1><se1 num="6">a human blood type of the ABOsystem.</se1></sg><sg><phg><mwe>A1</mwe> <pron>e&shti;&hstress;w&revv;n</pron><se1 num="1"><ctx>Naut.</ctx> <se2 num="a">afirst-class vessel in Lloyd's Register of Shipping.</se2> <se2num="b">first-class.</se2></se1> <se1num="2"><ctx>colloq.</ctx> excellent,first-rate.</se1> <mwe>A1, A2, etc.</mwe><se1>the standard paper sizes, each half the previous one, e.g.A4 = 297 × 210 mm, A5 = 210 × 148 mm.</se1><mwe>from A to B</mwe> <se1>from one place to another(<ex>a means of getting from A to B</ex>).</se1><mwe>from A to Z</mwe> <se1>over the entire range,completely.</se1></phg></sg></e>Thanks in Advancesrkumar.

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