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Hi . I am browse the folder using following code snippet function fnShellBrowseForFolderJ(val) { var str=val var objShell = new ActiveXObject("Shell.Application"); var objFolder = new Object; var objParentFolder; var objFolderItem; var strFolderName; objFolder = objShell.BrowseForFolder(0, "Test", 0, "C:\\"); if (objFolder != null) { // Add code here. objParentFolder = objFolder.ParentFolder; strFolderName = objFolder.Title; objFolderItem = objParentFolder.ParseName(strFolderName); if (val=="input") { var txt=document.getElementById('<%=txtinput.clientId%>') txt.value = objFolderItem.Path; } if (val=="output") { var txt=document.getElementById('<%=txtOutput.clientId%>') txt.value = objFolderItem.Path; txt.value = objFolderItem.Path; } } } But , i throws an javascript error "Permission denied". How do i solve this problem?Thanks,Prashant N

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