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Object nesting in Flash MX2004/8


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I'm seeing some behavior in Flash 8 that I'm confused by. I'm not sure which version of Flash this started in.I'm not able to reference objects that are nested inside of a button instance. I have a movie clip on the stage that contains 2 frames, where each frame has a button object. Each button object has a dynamic text field on each of the up and over frames. I can't find any way to reference the text fields from the main timeline. Even if I use the object browser I can see the movie clip on the stage and expand that, and inside the movie clip I see the nested button and another object in the movie clip, but it won't let me expand the button object to get to the text field inside it. If I have a few trace statements like these:trace(menu_1_1);trace(menu_1_1.menu_button);trace(menu_1_1.menu_button.title_text);This is what I see:_level0.menu_1_1_level0.menu_1_1.menu_buttonundefinedDid Macrodobe change something with the way that objects are nested in buttons? Can objects be nested in buttons? If you have a dynamic text field in a button, how the heck are you supposed to change the text on it? Previously we were using a variable assigned to the text field, but apparently that is no longer available after Flash 6. If I embed another movie clip in the button, same thing, I can't access it from outside the button.

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