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problem with array and calculate ASP T_T


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You can simplify something like this:

	students(1) = "StudentID_1"	students(2) = "StudentID_2"	students(3) = "StudentID_3"	students(4) = "StudentID_4"	students(5) = "StudentID_5"	students(6) = "StudentID_6"	students(7) = "StudentID_7"	students(8) = "StudentID_8"	students(9) = "StudentID_9"	students(10) = "StudentID_10"	students(11) = "StudentID_11"	students(12) = "StudentID_12"	students(13) = "StudentID_13"	students(14) = "StudentID_14"	students(15) = "StudentID_15"	students(16) = "StudentID_16"	students(17) = "StudentID_17"	students(18) = "StudentID_18"	students(19) = "StudentID_19"	students(20) = "StudentID_20"		for i = 1 to 20	students(i) = request.form(students(i))	next

to this:

for i = 1 to 20  students(i) = request.form("StudentID_"&i)next

You have some problems with your calculations though. You have this at the top:AssessmentSum = (Cint(Assessment1_1)+Cint(Assessment2_1)+Cint(Assessment3_1))Average = (Cint(Assessment1)/No_Students)The reason that is 0 is because by the time you run that code none of those variables have values. Instead you get the values after you define the sum and average. You can't define the sum and average without getting the values to sum and average first. Also, with this area:Assessment(1) = (Cint(Assessment1_1)+Cint(Assessment2_1)+Cint(Assessment3_1))Assessment(2) = (Cint(Assessment1_2)+Cint(Assessment2_2)+Cint(Assessment3_2))Assessment(3) = (Cint(Assessment1_3)+Cint(Assessment2_3)+Cint(Assessment3_3))There aren't variables defined called Assessment1_2, Assessment2_3, etc. There are Assessment1(2) and Assessment2(3) though.

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