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_level properties and manipulation

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if i have this: level0.mc1.mc2 is the value of this.my actionscript is in frame1, of level0 movieClipi want to access only mc2, imean the string "mc2", coz i only need "mc2"how can i do that.when i assign this to String str1, it was traced: level0.mc1.mc2 but, i can't do a substring method, and str1.length is undefined.how can i solve this problem?

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I think you can use the toString() method to turn the MovieClip reference to a string. Then it should have a .length property.
thnx..:)...it was solved already.i just concantenated an empty string to the variable holding the path, so that it would be treated as string.:)like:var1 = mcLevelpath+"";thanks anyway..:mellow:
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