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Array problem


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hi guys,i had got struc into a deep troubleplz help me outi am taking a line( in form of "s1;s2;s3;s4;s5;" something like that ) from a filecalled db.txtnow i want these s to take into an arrayi do this with the help of EXPLODE functionnw, when i start to print(or pass these values to sm other file) i get my result as Array (ie "Array" is printed) or "Array" is passed to the other filei want to print all those s in the file bt cant get thatplz help me out..for ur convenience i am giving the code that i am using--------------------code---------------------------------------------------------<?php$myarray=file('temp.txt');$h=0;foreach($clines as $c) { $clines=explode(';',$filename); $tmp=$c; $t[$h]=$tmp; $h++; } for($i=0;$i<$h;$i++) echo $l[$i]; ////////////////////// this prints "Array" instead of s's ///////}my text file is something like thissubcat11;subcat12;subcat13;subcat14;-------------------------------------------------------------------------

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