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ASP Session renewing issue


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Hi there forum members. Juts a little talk on ASP session renewing issue.ASP session is cookie based hence in order to maintain asp sessions asp page must get the stored cookie value right then execute the script. It seems quit simple to say but theres a catch if you use ajax. I don't know how many of use guys suffer with session but i am right now.According to the documentation the default session.timeout value is 20mins but it extends to another 20 if i refresh the page within 20. I'v created a webmail with combination of asp and ajax and dynamically ajax is retrieving information from several pages without clients knowledge, some even called in duration of 50 secs. This doesn't help to extend asp session rather they come out with new session ID's. Strange phenomenon i say, so the out come is devastating and user has a dead end and thrown to login page straight out.This cookie thing is disturbing me. I know how to create and use cookie but don't know how to use cookie to renew session? I tried saving user name, ID, saving session ID but nothing seems to satisfy asp session.Global.asa (session_onstart) set the session time out to 30.Ajax call file which have session timeout value 30 + request.cookie[]Experts please tellme where i'v gone wrong?

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