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flower festival layout

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well i just finished the website layout(i think)and would like some critiquing of this layout before i go further with this.so please critique as harsh as ya want i dont mind :)its for a web design competition im going to enter so i need the layout to look really good.i know the code isnt completely valid yet so dont say anything about that i will get it validated without having to change the layout. but it works all the way back to IE 5.0 so im not complaining.heres the url:http://www.freewebs.com/flowerfestival

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Hi, notice you posted this in Nov. so don't know if your project is still alive? The layout is kinda ok BUT - looking at it as a viewer, not a high flying designer, where are the flowers; I like flowers; this is about a festival - where are the flowers? I dont know if this would break your design idea or not but I would consider placing a really good fading flower graphic in the blank area too the left of your page. Like the post above; you draw to the header then stay there - you want the viewer to go to your text. On a positive note I really like your navigation tool bar - javascript? Abstract thought which I'm sure you will dimiss - the gray is too masculne - while gardeners were traditionally male the flower appeal tends towards the feminine; to suit your logo could you have a back ground - light opaque - of pink swirling to yellow then white with your text floating/hovering above (by using subtle shadow) - sort of suggesting insects ready to land? Goodluck :)

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