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XSLT does not get converted to PDF. XSL-FO itself is the format that gets turned into PDF. If you have another XML document, you can use XSLT to turn it into XSLT-FO, from which point you can turn it into a PDF. Read this topic for further explanation on this.What you need is a FO editor and a FO processor. One editor that I know includes Apache FOP as a FO processor is Stylus Studio, and I very much reccomend it. In it's XSLT editor, you can choose an XML file, which you'll then transform with a stylesheet to XSL-FO, and then (if set in the Scenario options), you can turn it into a PDF. Unfortunatly, Stylus Studio does not have a WYSIWYG editor for FO files yet. Not as far as I know anyway.

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In other words, the work your existing XSLT does is to transform an input XML document into its current output form (which may also be XML). You now need to update/replace that existing XSLT with XSLT that transforms your input XML into a different output document. That output document is an XSL-FO document. An XSL-FO document is just an XML document containing XSL-FO formatting information.

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