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Information extracted from a database is definitely NOT the only content that is suitable to go into an HTML table. That would discriminate against all sites that don't use a database (and a programming language). Silly saying you need a database to use tables.
I simply used the Database as an example and never implied that Database information is the ONLY data suitable for Tables. Notice the "ie:" in my first post.
Also check out this (w3c) example of a form using tables.
And read the section of the Specs immediately following your link to see the information about using Fieldset and Labels for structuring a Form.
By the way, your page doesn't validate under the doctype it's using, and you have an error in your CSS.
The purpose of that page is to demonstrate the Form, not my coding skills. And it validates using the Tidy Extension of Firefox with 0 errors, 0 warnings. I didn't realize this was a competition, or I would've placed more effort into the Sample. Your attempt to discredit the page distracts from the principal purpose of this discussion. Are Tables suitable for structuring and styling Forms?Your position is that they are fine to use. My position is that Div's and HTML elements such as fieldsets are more suitable.Do we agree to disagree?
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