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How to change font size in the table at once?

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<style>font-color: #yourcolor;</style>

Sorry, I was asking not about colr, but about font size in the table. Say, I would create a style:<style type="text/css">p {font-size: 80%}</style>That means I should add <p>my word</p> to every word in the table to change the font size of all the words. Thps is rather tiresome. That's why I was asking about some script that allows to change the font size of all the words in thetable at once.
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It's still a CSS question if you know what I mean :) .This is easy. It just requres a bit more complex selector:

<style type="text/css">td p {font-size: 80%}</style>

Notice the "td" before the "p". It will change the font of all paragraphs but only when they are inside a table data. It'a good this to give ID's to your tables, so if you want to change the look inly of a specific table you'll say:

table#the-table's-id p {font-size: 80%}

There are also many other possible combination with selectors :) .

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Thanks everybody! I solved the problem by creating a new CSS style in Macromedia Dreamweaver_8. Then I applied it to all the columns in the table. I doubt wether it's the best way to do, but it worked. I'll try the method of boen_robot, F-Man and smiles and see how it affects the look of the tet too.

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