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Moving page when i click AJAX links


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********* completely solved - im an idiot ********************hey....ive wrote an ajax comments system for articles on my site, its all very nice, post a comment and it reloads the read comments page into a little div all at the bottom of the link below, each page has links to the other, so on the post page u can click read, and read page you can click post.now theres the problem, when you click one of those links the page moves up and isnt very user friendly, so i thought id add a query string and an anchor reference pointing at something like <a name="move-to-here"> and put that at the top of the ajax div - so worst case scenario the div will be at the top of the page and perfectly in sight - it just doesnt work tho.........no matter where i aim the ajax link of my parent page, the web page scroll up some way and the ajax div is only half on show. now i think the reason for this is the page doesnt no how big the ajax div is until something is loaded into it, so every time you click a link the div effectively shrinks to 0px high and an anchor reference wont work...its very confusing but test it out at hthe bottom of this plage and u;ll seeany genius ideas FULLY welcomehttp://www.enterf1.co.uk/v5/news/001-the-bite-point.asp

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