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CSS dropdown menu bugs on IE and FF


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Hi ,I'm trying to make a dropdown menu with css, I based my work on a tutorial from A List Apartthe bugs I'm having in IE6 is that the submenu renders beneath other content like images,text, etc. In FF putting z-index:1; solved this problem, and the only problem I'm having in FF now is that after the 4th link he doesn't consider the next ones as links(I tried changing links position and it still remained the problem)the css

/* MENU */#menu {	top:0;	left:15px;position:relative;	width:161px; 	height:226px; background-image:url(imagens/menu.gif); background-position:left; background-repeat:no-repeat;}ul {margin:0;padding: 0;list-style: none;width: 147px;top:16px;}ul li {position: relative;margin-bottom:8px;width:147px;display:block;margin-left:10px;}ul ul li {margin-left:0px;}ul ul {padding-top:5px;}li ul {position: absolute;left: 147px;top: -7px;display: none;background-color:#1e447e;border:3px solid #fff;width:147px;float:left;}ul li a {display: block;color:#FFFFFF;text-decoration:none;left:17px;position:relative;}li ul li {position:relative;}li:hover ul, li.over ul { display: block; z-index:1;}li:hover, li.over {background-color:#548f9e;}/* Fix IE. Hide from IE Mac \*/* html ul li { float: left; }* html ul li a { height: 1%; }* html ul li {margin-left:5px;}* html li.over ul {position:relative;}/* End */

the html

<div id="menu" ><ul id="nav">     <li><a href="#">EQUIPE</a></li> 	<li><a href="#">HOSPITAIS DE ATUAÇÃO</a></li>    <li><a href="#">SOBRE O SEU CORAÇÃO</a>       <ul>         <li><a href="#">CENTRO CLÍNICO</a></li>         <li><a href="#">CENTRO CIRÚRGICO</a></li>       </ul>     </li>     <li><a href="#">PRODUÇÃO CIENTÍFICA</a>       <ul>         <li><a href="#">ARTIGOS</a></li>         <li><a href="#">LIVROS</a></li>         <li><a href="#">VÍDEOS</a></li>       </ul>     </li>	<li><a href="#">EVENTOS</a></li> 	<li><a href="#">LINKS</a></li>	<li><a href="#">CONTATO</a></li>	<li><a href="#">HOME</a></li>  </ul></div>

thanks in advance

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