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2 quick questions.


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Hi all.While I understand that this is the HTML section, part of the footer code includes HTML, and I figured that since I have a question fully on HTML, I would post both question in 1 topic to make things easier for both you and me, and also hopefully save some space for the forum, though it's pretty pointless.Anyway, to get to my problem.I've been spending almost days trying to fix the problem of my footer. Yes, I've looked over the net several times and tried different solutions, such as absolute positioning, relative positioning, but the end result isn't what I wish it would be.EXAMPLE 1: Absolute Position.example1.jpgFor some reason, it just pushes my table to the right. :wub:EXAMPLE 2: Relative Position.example2.jpgIt doesn't stick to the bottom of the page.I even tried the dumbest td valign = bottom but it still doesn't work.Here's my code.HTML

<div id="footer"><table class="copyRight2">	<tr>		<td align=left valign=bottom>Copyright 2007</td>	</tr></table>


table.copyRight2 {	font: bold 9px Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;	letter-spacing: 1px;	background-color: #FFFFFF;	position: absolute;	border-right: 1px solid #C1DAD7;	border-bottom: 1px solid #C1DAD7;	border-top: 1px solid #C1DAD7;	border-left: 1px solid #C1DAD7;	position: relative;	bottom: 0;	width: 840;	text-align: center;	filter: alpha(opacity = 90);	background: #FFFFFF url(images/poweredby.png) no-repeat right;}

Delete the absolute and relative where appropriate, and it'll give the 2 results shown in the picture.My supervisor says that EXAMPLE 2 is okay, as setting the footer to the bottom of the page is a very tideous task, and he advised me to skip it. But being the perfectionist that I've always been, I want to try to make everything look professional, and in this case, I'm seeking help from you guys. :)By the way, sorry about all the black paints in the picture. I'm new to the office so I'm not very sure about the rules here yet. :mellow: Anyway, on to question 2.Apparently, whenever I try to display a text in my Textfield, it deletes all the text after a spacebar.

<input type="text" name="name" class="textbox" size=50			value=<%=user.getFullname()%>>

It should display something like Alex Sim, but instead, it displays just Alex. Any way to get around this?As I specialise in mostly java coding, CSS is a very new stuff to me and I've only started learning it for 2 weeks. Any kind of help would be appreciated. Much thanks. :)

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I'm not sure exactly what you're asking for in your first question, but if you want it always at the bottom of the screen you can use "position: fixed" and give it "bottom: 0;". Of course, this won't work for any versions of Internet Explorer except Internet Explorer 7.About your second question: You forgot to put quotes around the value:value=<%=user.getFullname()%> --> value="<%=user.getFullname()%>"

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