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Can someone help me with this function.

$haystack = 'this is a test to testing this test.';$needle01 = 'this';$needle02 = 'is';$needle03 = 'a';$needle04 = 'test';### highlighting ###function highlight($haystack,$needle01,$needle02='',$needle03='',$needle04='') {	$haystack = explode(' ',$haystack);	$countstr = count($haystack);	for ($i=0;$i<$countstr;$i++) {		if (stristr($haystack[$i],$needle01) == true) {			$replace = '<span class="highlightyellow">'. $haystack[$i] .'</span> ';			$string[$i] = str_ireplace($needle01, $replace, $haystack[$i]);		} else if (stristr($haystack[$i],$needle02) == true) {			$replace = '<span class="highlightgreen">'. $haystack[$i] .'</span> ';			$string[$i] = str_ireplace($needle02, $replace, $haystack[$i]);		} else if (stristr($haystack[$i],$needle03) == true) {			$replace = '<span class="highlightred">'. $haystack[$i] .'</span> ';			$string[$i] = str_ireplace($needle03, $replace, $haystack[$i]);		} else if (stristr($haystack[$i],$needle04) == true) {			$replace = '<span class="highlightblue">'. $haystack[$i] .'</span> ';			$string[$i] = str_ireplace($needle04, $replace, $haystack[$i]);		} else {			$string[$i] = $haystack[$i];		}	}			echo implode(' ',$string);}

return the source:

<span class="highlightyellow">this</span> <span class="highlightgreen">is</span> <span class="highlightred">a</span> <span class="highlightblue">test</span> to <span class="highlightblue">testing</span> ing <span class="highlightyellow">this</span> <span class="highlightblue">test.</span> .

I don't know why it double the 'ing' and '.'.

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Your needle is "test", you split up the string into words and check if each word contains any needle. Then you replace the needle with the higlighted string. You need to replace the entire word, not just the needle. So it sees "testing" and replaces the "test" part only with the highlighted text, leaving the "ing".

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