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Getting this site to work in IE

V for Vincent

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Whew, I cannot believe such a huge number of people is still using this friggin' thorn in my sight...Anyway, Hi, I'm working on a pretty simple website for a friend of my mom's and I cannot get the margins of the contents container (#inhoud in the Dutch-commented code) to be interpreted correctly in IE without losing my liquid layout. At least, I think the problem is in those margins, it's hard to tell when you don't have a web designer plugin... I'm not at all familiar with how IE bugs should be tackled, as I usually just strive for valid code in personal projects. This is meant as a form of publicity, however, so I can't ignore this most evil of browsers.I think the problem is in these lines:

#inhoud {width: 80%;margin-top: 215px;margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto; /*grote marge langs boven om niet met de header te overlappen, vanonder niets*/}

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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