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How to properly setup mercury/32 mail server?


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hi, i am learning php now, and working on how to send an email to a outside email address from local host. however, i have failures and failures, i hope you guys can help. I am working on windows vista, i have xampp installed, there i have apache, php 5.2.4, mysql, mercury/32 for mail server.this is my php code:<html><br> <head> <title>PHP Test</title> </head> <body> <?php$to ="name@hotmail.com";$subject = "your mails";$body = "this is a test";if (mail($to, $subject, $body)){ echo "<b>php has sent your mails<b>";}?> </body></html> i have no errors from php compiling, since i have got php has sent your mails in my browser.but i just dun receive the mail.in the mercury/32 i have these messages:mercury core process windows: 00:23:56: Job MG0012C5: from postmaster@localhost (local) To: name@hotmail.com (non-local) (Job MO0012C6) -OKmercury SMTP client windows: 0:24:11: processing job MO0012C6Temporary error 249 (temporary MX resolution error) resolving 'hotmail.com'.mercury SMTP server windows: Connection from, Thu Dec 13 00:23:48 2007HELO Rick-PCMAIL FROM:<postmaster@localhost>RCPT TO:<rickzheng1@hotmail.com>DATA - 6 lines, 143 bytes.QUIT0 sec. elapsed, connection closed Thu Dec 13 00:23:48 2007and in the php.ini , i have this:[mail function]; For Win32 only.SMTP = localhostsmtp_port = 25; For Win32 only.sendmail_from = postmaster@localhosti have tried other email addresses other than hotmail.com, the same problems.i think it is the problem with the mercury/32 settings, but i dun know. please help me, guys, i really appreciate it.

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