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Best way to get newest code to parse?

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I'm redesigning a site. old site was upf ro a long time and used some flash elements. Now, people are coming to get new data and new dates buut they're getting the old code, even after clearing cache in IE and refreshing. it's taking quite a bit of effort to get the latest pages.How should i resolve this?Thanks.

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can oyu provide a link or some code? If they press CTRL+F5 do they get the newest version?
The site is at borgessrun.comThey click on "run camp" at the top of the left-hand nav and get an old, blue and white version with bad dates.I don't know about the CTRL+F5...It's sorta moot because people community-wide aren't going to know to do that. i just need them to get the new info when they get there.
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