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Tip on using Explorer 6 on Windows Vista


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Hello everyone.Not sure if this is really out of date for you guys but it really helped me.Lately I have been having this crazy bugs that only appear in Explorer 6 and below.And as most of you know Vista comes with explorer 7 and there is no way to downgrade to explorer 6 in Vista.So there I was with a problem trying to find bugs, that I dident even could see on my screen.So after searching the web for a while I finally found this program that is free to download and is published by MicrosoftIt is called "Virtual PC 2007" and it lets you install another operating system on your computer and run it in a small screen when you are in Vista for example. so all you need is a windows xp and download Virtual PC 2007, and you can check your web site in explorer 6 with ease.So now I can bug test my site in explorer ´6 and lower with out a hitch.Hope it helps someone and good luck.Here is how it looks: http://img528.imageshack.us/img528/967/vp2007ip4.jpg

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