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Use two "BETWEEN" in one query

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Hello,I want to enable the user to search by both price and area in the same time by entering price and area rangesuntil now I can search any of those two using "between" but I can not use 2 "between" in one queryIs that possible?If it is not What is the alternative?Thank you in advance

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You might need to add parens for clarity.

$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM price WHERE (price BETWEEN $price1 AND $price2) AND (area BETWEEN $area1 AND $area2)") or die(mysql_error());

There might also be an issue because you named a field the same thing as the table.

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I found what was the problem, it was not the syntax of the query or the name of the table the whole problem was that I wrote$area2 = floatval($_post['area2'];instead of:$area2 = floatval($_POST['area2'];thank you very much for your help justsomeguy, You are the BEST!!!.

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