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HELP!! Cellspacing

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i am working on a layout for a site re-design..please check the link http://www.vikingbjj.com/new/tempvbjj.php both in internet explorer, and mozilla foxfirein IE the cellspacing works fine, showing the lighter blue background color and the little fade at the top..but for some reason it is different in mozilla.. i could have sworn it was working before I added the yellow logo and the flash advertisement on the right that it was working.. but when i went back and erased them it still did not work...I posted on a different websites forum and their only advice was to not use html tables and use css only...i used css only on the last design and had alot of problems between foxfire and IE.. does cellspacing not work in foxfire??the site is exactly how I want it in IE.. and it took me awhile to get that layout so this is really discuraging!i was suposed to show the design to the owner yestardayis there any way to get it working with the tables? or do I have to go with div's and re design it

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cellspacing and cellpadding do work in Firefox. I use them daily and I've seen no issues. Maybe post that portion of the code? Worst case you could use css (padding).

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