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.swf file blocks my javascript linkset

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Hello all. Not sure if this should be in the javascript section, or here. But I have some links at the top of a page that when scrolledover produce a drop down menu on certain links. I haveadded an image rotator just below the links. I now cannotsee all of the dropdown because of the image rotator (.swf). Thank you for your time,Hooch

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<iframe> and <object> elements are, in many browsers, always in front of the other elements you may have positioned in front. A good solution is to hide them when you open a javascript dropdown menu. In the function the opens the menu just add another few lines of code:

var j;var obj = document.getElementsByTagName('object');var ifr = document.getElementsByTagName('iframe');for(j=0;j<obj;j++) {(obj[j].style.visibility == "visible")?obj[j].style.visibility = "hidden":obj[j].style.visibility = "visible";}for(j=0;j<ifr;j++) {(ifr[j].style.visibility == "visible")?ifr[j].style.visibility = "hidden":ifr[j].style.visibility = "visible";}

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