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Run, Horse! Run!

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Ah yes, it's me again!This time I'm attempting to make a horse icon run. I've managed to make the main keyframes. However, the motion isn't fluid, and a regular tween isn't sufficient, as seen here: hrs.gifMy colleague suggested using a shape tween, and I followed the "Hello World" tutorial, but the results were not very good. hrstwn.gifFor those that haven't assisted me before, I am using Macromedia Flash 4, with the hopes of getting an upgraded program (but that will have to wait). Until then, any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance,P.I.

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For a flash movie, it's easy:go to the last frame, press F9 to open the actions window and write: "stop();"For an animated GIF, go to the menu: File>export>movieAnd then when you save it as an animated gif you can choose how many repetitions you want.

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