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MapPath, loading external file


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Hi there...I need to load an external xml file but I'm getting this error:

Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0173 : 80004005'Invalid Path Character/release_list/release_list.asp, line 5An invalid character was specified in the Path parameter for the MapPath method. 

Now, this seems to be a quite common problem, but I still havent been able to find a fix for this, so I hope someone might be able to help me out on this one.My code looks like this:

<%'Load XMLset xml = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")xml.async = falsexml.load(Server.MapPath("http://www.site.com/feed.xml.asp"))'Load XSLset xsl = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")xsl.async = falsexsl.load(Server.MapPath("release_list.xsl"))'Transform fileResponse.Write(xml.transformNode(xsl))%>

I quess its the ":" that causes the error, but aint there a way to get around that?Hope somone can help me hereThanks!

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