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How do I know if an element is the last of its kind


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How do I know if an element is the last of its kind in the entire document...For example, I think this gets the last HEADING element in the doc//HEADING[last()] So, If I'm within the HEADING template, how do I basically write:<xsl:if test="self = //HEADING[last()]">.......It seems like //HEADING[last()] is always returning the last heading relative to it's level.----------------Follow-Up: OK... through experimentation, I've proved that //HEADING[last()] is always returing the last element on the first level rather than anywhere in the document. How does one get the last element, regardless of it's level of nesting.

<X>  <B>	<A>1	  <A>2</A>	</A>  </B>  <C>	<D>	   <A>3</A>	</D>  </C></X>

I would suspect that //A[last()] would return A3, but it returns A1.... Why? and how do you generically get to A3.

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