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ASP Login system problems

Guest WhammyBar

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Guest WhammyBar

I made a login system in ASP for a project site. I want that 1. After login, the user can see his username in a statement "Welcome, <username>"... 2. and the total number of successful logins made in the site in the statement, "total login count - __" I decided to use a Session variable (UserName) for the username display, and an application variable for the counter display. Somehow, nothing works. The session and application variables do not appear in the index.asp, no matter what I do. I have just posted the asp code here, and also note that the site is based on table formatting. The project has 3 (visible) files --INDEX.ASP (In the main page (index.asp), this is the code which I think should make it work (and I intend to put this in every page))-LOGIN.ASP (a link from index leads to this page, contains the form for login/registration)-VERIFY.ASP (verifies, like the name implies, the username and password of the details of the login/registration, and returns a query string to login.asp)Please have a look at the asp pages here, else, if required, I shall paste the source code here (if the forum rules permit).What should I do to fix the bugs? Please help.WhammyBar

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