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There's a lot that the tutorials cover, and the tryit editors are very nice. But there's a lot of people that don't understand the concept of what the specific thing is used for. Like for me, learning both JS and PHP was a real pain because in order for me to learn anything, I needed to find a problem to solve using it. That way I learned how to actually use it. The real pain is, if I don't know what it's specifically used for, how am I going to figure out a problem to solve with it. I had to learn the little PHP I know by using a database to query what two things mixed together made for a game, and a feeble and failing attempt to make a user website (I got a registering form and a login form, then from there...nothing). I learned the little bit of JS I know from trying to make a profit calculating page. But god knows that doesn't cover everything. And I don't know what else the things can be used for to come up with a problem to solve with them. So I think actual problem simulations would help people learn better. And to further master using multiple skills, there could be bigger problems that tell you to use certain things from certain lessons to make whatever. I learn much better by applying skills than reading the tutorials, mimicing them, then moving on not knowing much practicality of it. Some tutorials are great about explaining what you would specifically use things for. But morning the scripting tutorials don't give you much practicality.

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