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need some help.


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can anyone see any errors in this?

<?php if ($_GET['mode'] == "edit") {										echo "<form action=\"edit.php\" enctype=\"multipart/form-data\" method=\"post\">";											echo "<table class=\"news_arch\" border=\"0px\">";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td width=\"15%\"><p class=\"date_b\">Picture:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"file\" id=\"mpic\" name=\"mpic\" size=\"50\"></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">Name:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"text\" id=\"mname\" name=\"mname\" size=\"50\"></td>";											        echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">birth date:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"text\" id=\"mdate\" name=\"mdate\" size=\"50\"></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">height:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"text\" id=\"mheight\" name=\"mheight\" size=\"50\"></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">weight:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"text\" id=\"mwieght\" name=\"mwieght\" size=\"50\"></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">location:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"text\" id=\"mlocation\" name=\"mlocation\" size=\"50\"></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">martial arts trained:</p></td>";												echo "<td><input type=\"text\" id=\"marts\" name=\"marts\" size=\"50\"></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td><p class=\"date_b\">about me:</p></td>";												echo "<td><textarea id=\"mabout\" name=\"mabout\" rows=\"10\" cols=\"60\"></textarea></td>";												echo "</tr>";												echo "<tr>";												echo "<td> </td>";												echo "<td colspan=\"2\"><input type=\"submit\" value=\"add\"><input type=\"hidden\" id=\"mode\" name=\"mode\" value=\"edits2\"></td>";																									echo "</tr>";											echo "</table>";										echo "</form>";										}	if ($_POST['post'] == "edits2") {																					        if ($HTTP_POST_FILES['mpic']['name'] OR $_POST['mname'] OR $_POST['mdate'] OR $_POST['mheight'] OR $_POST['mweight'] OR $_POST['mlocation'] OR $_POST['marts'] OR $_POST['mabout']) {											include('safe.php');											mysql_select_db("sb_members");											if (isset($HTTP_POST_FILES['mpic']['name'])){												echo "test";											if ((($HTTP_POST_FILES["mpic"]["type"] == "image/gif") 											|| ($HTTP_POST_FILES["mpic"]["type"] == "image/jpeg") 											|| ($HTTP_POST_FILES["mpic"]["type"] == "image/pjpeg")) 											&& ($HTTP_POST_FILES["mpic"]["size"] < 100000))											{											if ($HTTP_POST_FILES["file"]["error"] > 0)											{												echo "<p class=\"error\">Error: " . $HTTP_POST_FILES["file"]["error"] . "</p><br />";											} else {											$picname = $HTTP_POST_FILES['mpic']['name'];											 $sql0 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET picture = '$picname'");													$result2 = mysql_query($sql0);													if ($result2){														$path= "container/".$_SESSION['id']."/". $HTTP_POST_FILES['mpic']['name'];														if($mpic !=none) {															if(copy($HTTP_POST_FILES['mpic']['tmp_name'], $path)) {																echo "<p class=\"sucess\">Profile successfully updated.</p><br />";															}														}													}												}										}										} if (isset($_POST['mname'])){											$memname = safe($_POST['mname']);											$sql1 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET name = '$memname'");											if (!$sql1){ echo "error sql1"; }										} if (isset($_POST['mdate'])){											$memdate = safe($_POST['mdate']);											$sql2 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET date = '$memdate'");											if (!$sql2){ echo "error sql2"; }										} if (isset($_POST['mheight'])){											$memheight = safe($_POST['mheght']);											$sql3 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET height = '$memheight'");											if (!$sql3){ echo "error sql3"; }										} if (isset($_POST['mweight'])){											$memweight = safe($_POST['mweight']);											$sql4 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET weight = '$memweight'");											if (!$sql4){ echo "error sql4"; }										} if (isset($_POST['mlocation'])){											$memlocation = safe($_POST['mlocation']);											$sql5 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET location = '$memlocation'");											if (!$sql5){ echo "error sql5"; }										} if (isset($_POST['mart'])){											$memart = safe($_POST['mart']);											$sql6 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET art = '$memart'");											if (!$sql6){ echo "error sql6"; }										} if (isset($_POST['mabout'])){											$memabout = safe($_POST['mname']);											$sql7 = mysql_query("UPDATE ".$_SESSION['id']." SET about = '$memabout'");											if (!$sql7){ echo "error sql7"; }										}										echo "<p class=\"success\">Profile updated successfully.<br /></p>";										echo "<a href=\"/siteb/profile/view.php?usr=".$_SESSION['id']."\">view my profile<br /></p>";										} else {										echo "<p class=\"error\">An error has occured please try again.</p><br />";										echo "<a href=\"edit.php?mode=edit\">click here to edit profile.</a>";										}										}

when i submit the form i get no echo'sim being rushed to get this site done by monday! :) please help----sorry it was something really stupid:} if ($_POST['post'] == "edits2") { was supposed to be } if ($_POST['mode'] == "edits2") {

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