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XML parameter send to xsl


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here is my little bit of code

function buildtable(tableid,xmlfilename,langue,currency){	xml=loadXMLDoc(xmlfilename);xsl=loadXMLDoc('listedeprix.xsl');// code for IEif (window.ActiveXObject)  {    ex=xml.transformNode(xsl);  document.getElementById(tableid).innerHTML=ex;  }  // code for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.else if (document.implementation&& document.implementation.createDocument)  {  var xsltProcessor=new XSLTProcessor();   xsltProcessor.importStylesheet(xsl);     xsltProcessor.setParameter(null, 'langue',langue);  xsltProcessor.setParameter(null, 'currency',currency);}  // clear the contents  document.getElementById(tableid).innerHTML = "";    var fragment = xsltProcessor.transformToFragment(xml, document);    var myDOM = fragment;  // add the new content from the transformation  document.getElementById(tableid).appendChild(fragment)}

the part in red (code for Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, etc.) work wellI just dont know what to write (ask) to get those parameter send to the explorer part.....here is the part for firefox that work.. xsltProcessor.setParameter(null, 'langue',langue); xsltProcessor.setParameter(null, 'currency',currency);What to write for ie....I thanks you already.. i sure it almost nothing.. but i miss itMarc-Andre Menard

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