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XForms: Problems while putting instance data into form


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Hi!I have a problem to create a user interface from my instance data. I have many orders, each of them have items. One item of each order should be chosen (don't ask why :) ), and the description of chosen item should be displayed.Here is a sample instance:

<instance>	<orders>		<order href="myurl.com/11" chosen_item="myurl.com/2">			<item href="myurl.com/1" title="title1">description1</item>			<item href="myurl.com/2" title="title2">description2</item>		</order>		<order href="myurl.com/12" chosen_item="myurl.com/3">			<item href="myurl.com/3" title="title3">description3</item>		</order>	</orders>	<some_other_data /></instance>

And a brainstorming for a user interface:

<repeat nodeset="orders/order">	<select1 ref="chosen_item">		<itemset nodeset="item">			<label ref="title"/>			<value ref="@href" />		</itemset>	</select1>	<textarea ref="??" /></repeat>

How can i fill the textarea? Form elements could be created on server side, if needed (e.g. if XForms' repeat can't be used).Thanks!

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