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DefinitionGraphic chains allow a bunch of users to contribute little by little to a graphic in order to create a larger piece. For example in the most popular form: templates, one user starts off by creating a border, another one takes the image and adds a header, and the third adds content boxes and so on.Graphics chains allow for a free flow of ideas and styles.Create your own chain or take part in existing ones.Basic RulesThe following are rules that must be adhered.- Do not delete someone else's addition to the graphic.- Try to match their colors but you may change- You cannot say you're next in line, unless the person before you posts their preview. - After you edit it, post what you did on it.- dont ask someone to make you a layout.Ok I hope you all understand ill start it. :)sides4fy.th.pngJust say your next to give it a go.Good Luck! :)

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