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need somebody to help. it's about session LCIDnow the prob is dat,on the customer side, the date format occurs like this:01-DD-YYbut @ our server, there's no problem. the date displays correctly. the best is to use another LCID to overide their system setting.but failed in the end. it's mainly their server problem which is not programming coding can fix.actually we deploy on customer's server, customer server is server at the same time client.so, is there any way to solve this prob, coz we need solution to make LCID 1033 run.i mean, is there any setting can be done that will effect the LCID = 1033....pls somebody help.. TQ so much!!! tq in advance... (we deploy this on an old server which is customer boss who set it up himself... )p/s: tq aspnetguy for ur information.. hope u can help me again?

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