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MySQL, ENUM sends me back either index or something else

Guest Job Van Dam

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Guest Job Van Dam

In my MySQL table I have a column that's called G1_Wins datatype enum('0','1') and G1_Losses datatype enum ('0','1').Pretty straight forward, I make G1_Wins '0' and G1_Losses '1' if a players lose the game OR G1_Wins '1' and G1_Losses '0' if a player wins the game.I am storing 8 games like that. I wanna add them all up to see how many games the player played. If I add G1_Wins to G1_Losses I get 3.I've tried using brackets, +0 and if I just select G1_Wins I get back either a 1 or 0.I want the actual enum value returned not the index or whatever else is being returned.Thank you.

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